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Grindr, the most well-known existing app for gay men, and Tinder, where users can search for dates by gender, have long been associated with casual sex and hook-ups, although both apps have also been the foundation for many new millennial relationships.

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Locke toldit is partly through his experiences of using dating apps to come to terms with his own sexuality which is why he co-founded Chappy.“I didn’t want a d*** pic to be quite honest, I did not want someone sending me a picture of their penis immediately.I wanted to be able to find someone who I could bring to my friends who I had fallen for.” “Both of us identified that all the apps out there at the moment are very much casual dating apps which focus on facilitating hook-ups,” Rogers adds.Last year she praised the shared values between Bumble and Chappy saying: “Bumble has made great strides for women in the dating scene and we believe Chappy will do the same for gay men.” Locke echoed this praising Bumble’s responsible, feminist and quality values saying they have been incorporated into Chappy.One thing both men are determined to distance Chappy from is “hook-up culture”.

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